18 Things You Need to Know About Haderslev

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3 min readSep 8, 2020


This image by Bococo is licensed under CC BY-SA

New to this part of the country? Not to worry — here is all the info you need to feel like a local in no time.

1. Every Friday at 12pm Slesvigske Musikkorps marches from the barracks and through the town centre blasting their instruments. Their final destination is the cathedral, where they turn a page in the Book of Fallen Soldiers. This weekly ritual has been performed since the 1960's!

2. There’s a farmer’s market in the town square (‘Gravene’) on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

3. Go to Skøtts Kaffebar for the best coffee in town.

4. Haderslev has its very own arts venue — Kunsthall 6100 — which hosts exhibitions, flea markets and more.

5. It also has a skaterpark — stroll down to the harbour and check out the “street dome”.

6. After a great night out with live music and a ‘hyggelig’ atmosphere? Head to Bar de Ville or Tribunen, both nestled in the heart of Haderslev on Gravene.

7. Denmark’s first and only bacon-themed restaurant is set to open here in September.

8. On a tight budget? Download the Too Good to Go app and get amazing deals on surplus produce from local supermarkets…

9. … and download eTilbudsavis to make sure you’re getting the best deals at local supermarkets.

10. This town has a pretty impressive array of second-hand/charity shops which are super handy for getting a good bargain on anything from furniture, homeware, clothing etc. Red Cross on Niels Finsens Vej has the biggest selection of goods but can be a little pricey, while KFUM & Afrika Genbrug on Jomfrustien has a ‘hidden’ treasure trove of super cheap furniture in a back room.

11. Think you can’t afford eating out in Haderslev? Skip breakfast and gorge on delicious Japanese food Monday-Friday at Sushi Room — they do an all-you-can-eat lunchtime buffet for 169 kr.

12. There used to be a fairy tale-style renaissance castle here, but it burned to the ground in 1644 ☹

13. Damparken is even prettier viewed from the waterside. Rent a pedalo for 60 kr. per boat for 30 minutes.

14. Visit Rodi Mak or Al Salam Frugt & Grønt, both on Nørregade, for cheap and fresh produce as well as super affordable chickpeas, falafel, olive oil and pickles. Vegans and vegetarians will have a field day here.

15. In order to fully embrace the Danish lifestyle you need a bicycle! Police auctions are great for scooping up a super cheap bike. The next bicycle auction is scheduled for October 10 at Haderslev Auktion, Norgesvej 49.

16. Not long ago you’d hear ‘Guten Tag’ and ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ in the streets of Haderslev. That’s right, Haderslev used to be in Germany! Denmark had to hand off Schleswig-Holstein to the Germans after they lost a war in 1864, but they managed to gain some of the territory back (including Haderslev) at a referendum in 1920.

17. This year sees the 100-year anniversary of the reunification of Southern Jutland with Denmark. Check out the events planned to mark the occasion here….

18… and stop by Storegade 51, where you can admire young artist Andreas Welin’s beautiful mural of two women holding branches symbolizing Schleswig and Denmark, respectively. It was finished in June 2020.

By Lisbeth Burich and Vibeke Nielsen